As of now I’ve decided to stop blogging non-fiction, and I’m not taking new photographs while I take a break and work through, upload, and attempt to sell my archive of already completed work.

I’m still uploading new work as it’s completed, which will be irregular. For updates, subscribe to either the photography or non-fiction sections via those pages. If anything new happens during a given week, the following Sunday you will see those updates posted all at once, here, if you want an all-of-the-above update.

Fiction is in total limbo; I’ve not exactly got writer’s block but nothing gets finished anymore sadly, so I’m not sure when that section will even be back online. The novel is done but I don’t think it’s suitable for publication in its current incarnation, which is kinda maddening to be honest.

The photography blog will resume after I’ve gotten the appropriate housecleaning out of the way. In addition to that I’m attempting to start a photography business with a friend which is taking a while to get organized and set up; there should be a travel photography subsite when that’s ready to get started.

So, expect infrequent updates at best, and hopefully I’ll pull through this mess I’m in and become artistically productive again.