So, the fiction section of the page is back online.

I’ve decided to try and get around not making art by refusing to even attempt doing anything professionally, or to become a professional, or to make money, or a living, or to work on rigid timetables and schedules with productivity quotas. That’s proven to be madness and has led to burnout, and I really want to be a Goth artist who, you know, actually makes art again- not someone who’s worried about doing Silicon Valley style workaholic madness, complete with LSD microdosing to jack productivity up exactly 2.35% per hour with every hit until I’m well and truly psychotic and they replace my burnout ass with the next budding idealist youth with a little talent.

Effectively that means I’m going to resume working on stuff, at whatever pace I feel like working at, for fun, and that updates will happen as stuff is posted to individual sites. I’m thinking on the 1st of the month, whatever I’ve added in the previous month will get listed in a macropost here (this ends the weekly updates).

Hopefully stuff starts to show up at random and you can enjoy it or whatever.