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Updates (1/14/18)

In brief, the webpage and it’s three subpages (Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Photography) are all online.

-Link to short story Collection posted in Short Fiction
-Blog started

-Three essays posted.

-Porftolios posted
-Blog started

Welcome; Site Being Reorganized

Welcome to my webpage. The entire thing’s been torn down in order to add some new functionality.

In the future, there will be seperate sites for fiction and for photography, as well as probably for non-fiction and anything else I need to post.

Basically you come here to see site-wide news; as with the old layout, updates if any are mailed out weekly.

Both the photography and the fiction sites will actually have blogs that can be seperately subscribed to as well, in case you are interested in doing so.

Thanks for stopping by, and I apologize for the mess; I hope to have everything up again shortly.

-Adam Shurte