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Fiction Unarchived, and A Note

So, the fiction section of the page is back online.

I’ve decided to try and get around not making art by refusing to even attempt doing anything professionally, or to become a professional, or to make money, or a living, or to work on rigid timetables and schedules with productivity quotas. That’s proven to be madness and has led to burnout, and I really want to be a Goth artist who, you know, actually makes art again- not someone who’s worried about doing Silicon Valley style workaholic madness, complete with LSD microdosing to jack productivity up exactly 2.35% per hour with every hit until I’m well and truly psychotic and they replace my burnout ass with the next budding idealist youth with a little talent.

Effectively that means I’m going to resume working on stuff, at whatever pace I feel like working at, for fun, and that updates will happen as stuff is posted to individual sites. I’m thinking on the 1st of the month, whatever I’ve added in the previous month will get listed in a macropost here (this ends the weekly updates).

Hopefully stuff starts to show up at random and you can enjoy it or whatever.

Blogging Suspended

As of now I’ve decided to stop blogging non-fiction, and I’m not taking new photographs while I take a break and work through, upload, and attempt to sell my archive of already completed work.

I’m still uploading new work as it’s completed, which will be irregular. For updates, subscribe to either the photography or non-fiction sections via those pages. If anything new happens during a given week, the following Sunday you will see those updates posted all at once, here, if you want an all-of-the-above update.

Fiction is in total limbo; I’ve not exactly got writer’s block but nothing gets finished anymore sadly, so I’m not sure when that section will even be back online. The novel is done but I don’t think it’s suitable for publication in its current incarnation, which is kinda maddening to be honest.

The photography blog will resume after I’ve gotten the appropriate housecleaning out of the way. In addition to that I’m attempting to start a photography business with a friend which is taking a while to get organized and set up; there should be a travel photography subsite when that’s ready to get started.

So, expect infrequent updates at best, and hopefully I’ll pull through this mess I’m in and become artistically productive again.

Photography and Non-Fiction Sections Back Online

I’ve decided to put those back online. Fiction is still archived til I make headway on some of my projects, however.

Current plans are to organize and post old photographic work, and write new non-fiction work for posting. Once I’ve gotten my photography thrown together and well organized I’ll resume working on it again.

Actual updates are likely to be very sporadic as I’m in a mental health downturn at the moment, but hopefully I’ll pull out of it soon.

Taking a Break

No new updates for a while. I’m starting to think I’m a permanent burnout. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

I’ve decided to archive the content sections of the site until I can work again, and I have no idea when that’ll be.


Welcome to the site. It’s no longer archived, and I will be adding content again shortly. Regular updates will resume either this Sunday (February 25th) or the following Sunday (March 4th).

All three main areas of the site have been put back online, just as they were before being archived. Enjoy the site.