As of this writing, I have this problem where I write a lot of fiction, and some of it actually gets finished. I’m not technically an author yet, but I should be in a few months time. Regardless, that which gets finished is likely to show up here, and ideally, there’ll be a mix of book-length works for sale and shorter pieces that are viewable for free. Should I find myself able to pay the bills adequately from all this someday, I’ll likely add more creative commons works into the mix.

For the most part, I work in the various genres of speculative fiction- fantasy, science fiction, and horror. My fiction is either dark or Gothic in nature or speculative fiction, and generally speaking it’s both; I haven’t led a cookie-cutter life, and I’m finding myself working almost entirely with darker themes. I am not a happy or healthy person, and I don’t have happy or healthy things to talk about for the most part. As it stands I assume there’ll be a higher ratio of more standard literary fiction as time goes on, but for now, spec fiction’s most of what I write, and a lot of it is very gritty, much of it pulpy. Sorry. I do try to do smart action as opposed to formula written or otherwise. If nothing else I try to drop colorful characters in alien settings.

Speaking of which, I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate geofiction into this site for anyone who wants to use it for whatever. That’s a little further down the line, however. Right now expect short fiction as well as book length work to show up in the near future.

Updates will be posted on the main news page, and likely in the fiction blog as well. What I write about there is likely going to stick to fiction and craft and writing talk; think of it as an informal, irreverent place where I talk writing in general.

Enjoy taking a dive into my imagination and the things I’ve dreamed up.

-Adam Shurte