Welcome to my non-fiction and commentary site.

Several pieces are currently posted, and in the future more will be added, but in addition to all of that there will likely be a reviews section for any media I stumble across and feel like reviewing, as well as a semi-regular blog located right here. Articles, published here or elsewhere, as well as any future non-fiction books I write, will also be featured on this page.

Subject matter is variable; it’s essentially anything that strikes my fancy or I feel needs to be written, but you can expect a lot of stuff on geopolitics, domestic politics, religion, sprituality, and the varoius arts, culture, technology, and the life sciences. There’ll likely be other things that don’t fit into that mold- check out The Parable of the Scapegoat, for instance- but expect regular if not frequent updates.

And always remember, having a bad reputation is actually painful.

-Adam Shurte