What I’m linking to below is a report on Alcoholic’s Anonymous, something like one of the pillars of the Dominionist movement- 12-step recover programs.

The reality is it treats a small fraction of attendees successfully, and that it has the potential to harm the majority of the remaining attendees.

I’d know; I went for a few weeks. I was utterly destroyed by the end. I went from being very badly off to being totally traumatized. Oddly enough I don’t have a drinking problem these days, no thanks to them.

Anyway here’s the dirt on AA, in an old NPR report.


I’ve got two thoughts on this.

One is that the entire “recovery” industry is broken, just as AA is. The other is that it ties into Dominionism; AA is more about converting you to Christianity, prohibitionist style, than it is about making anyone actually get better. It’s a scam, and merely Christian brainwashing dressed up as a medical effort to cure/reform substance users. That doesn’t show up in the article, but a cursory examination of the 12 Steps and high school level critical thinking will show you otherwise.

More on the above later.