My non-fiction covers a lot of ground; I started off as someone who wanted to do journalistic and opinion writing in politics, and wound up finding my way into an array of other interests, intellectual and otherwise. I write about all of them.

Currently there are only essays and the blog; in the future I’m hoping to write proper articles in addition to featuring any non-fiction books I may write.

Essays are written in a variety of formats- everything from memoir to opinion pieces and instructional essays. The subject matter is, frankly, anything that strikes my fancy and that I feel needs to be written about. Expect subject matter in the areas of geopolitics and regular or domestic politics, religion and spirituality, the arts and crafts, science and technology, culture, and more.

Reviews are basically on any media (books, movies, music, TV series/episodes, and other odd cultural artifacts like visual art and games) that I absorb and decide to write about. (Currently no reviews have been posted)

The blog will cover anything relevant or worth commenting about. It is likely to be semi-formal and occasionally irreverent. Consider yourself warned.

The site is currently being overhauled, and I’m not willing to commit to scheduled posting just yet, but I fully intend to do so eventually. Right now I’m tossing around monthly quotas for essay and review pieces as well as weekly ones for the blog. Any commitments I make will show up right here, as will any changes to them.

Nothing on here about anything medical is actual medical advice or meant to be taken as such. I will likely be discussing herbalism and psychology from a layman’s and patient’s perspective (I am not an MD, or any sort of medical professional), and you are totally on your own legally if you jump to conclusions about any of it, especially if you do something to harm yourself or others with it. It is assumed that you will try to seek actual medical advice before trying anything, or take full personal responsibility for your actions should you do anything based on things you’ve read here. I will not accept responsibility for anything stupid you do as a result of anything you read on this site.

-Adam Shurte, 1-10-18