My non-fiction covers a lot of ground; I started off as someone who wanted to do journalistic and opinion writing in politics, and wound up finding my way into an array of other interests, intellectual and otherwise. I write about all of them.

Currently there are only essays; in the future I’m hoping to write proper articles and other pieces in addition to featuring any non-fiction books I may write.

Essays are written in a variety of formats- everything from memoir to opinion pieces and instructional essays. The subject matter is, frankly, anything that strikes my fancy and that I feel needs to be written about. Expect subject matter in the areas of geopolitics and regular or domestic politics, religion and spirituality, the arts and crafts, science and technology, culture, and more.

Reviews are basically on any media (books, movies, music, TV series/episodes, and other odd cultural artifacts like visual art and games) that I absorb and decide to write about. (Currently no reviews have been posted)

The blog is no longer active or maintained; however, updates and newly posted materials will be mentioned and linked to in the blog feed. If you want to, you can subscribe for updates.

Posting is currently irregular, and not on a schedule. This is unlikely to change anytime soon.

-Adam Shurte, 3-22-18