A Brief Declaration of Faith

I would like to take a few minutes to point something out: I am very Pagan indeed, and I am very much staying that way, regardless of all your best intentions. I would actually like it rather much if you’d keep your best intentions to yourselves, because especially of late, I’ve felt very molested indeed by your best intentions.

I actually have tried the Christian faith out three or four times; I found it a wretched thing that made me miserable and hateful each time, and I found a very tepid to openly hostile reception at best in the wider Christian community- both in and outside of church. I actually did try out your 12-step programs, several times actually, the ones that pretend with much fanfare to not be Christian indoctrination and boot camp dressed up as a recovery program, and I found it’s made me very mentally ill indeed. It’s almost like they didn’t restore me to sanity, like they didn’t help me with substance abuse issues ever, and like all my natural serenity went down the drain when I tried; funny thing, but I was never so angry as I was after I went into those recovery programs. Fortunately there’s a thing called spontaneous remission, and I have no substance abuse issues today- not that I think doing drugs and drinking are evil or wrong or necessarily unhealthy even in all instances, but that’s a story for another day. If nothing else, I am of age to drink alcohol, and I will partake if and when I feel the desire to do so, not that I really experience strong urges to drink very often anyway. A single mild hangover’s usually enough to make me sober for a few weeks anyway, because I’m just not an alcoholic despite all your wailing and screaming. Please stop calling me one.

I would just like to say that, as an eclectic Pagan, I worship many Gods and Goddesses, but I do not worship your Abrahamic super deity; I rather hate the sound of the name (or was it a title?) of “Jesus Christ,” and I detest his ministries, and how they’ve poisoned minds and made the rivers run red with blood over the millennia. I think non-Christian culture is a thing that came from Nature and should exist alive and well within it, not horribly misrepresented and dead in stuffy museums stacked with exhumed corpses and memorabilia of tribes long since put to the sword. I know it’s a faith of love and peace, but I don’t see world peace no matter how hard I try, and the most Christian nation on Earth is certainly the most warlike, and I’ve never felt much love emanating from those houses or prayer or their recovery rooms; quite the contrary. I’ve been assaulted by his peoples, both in and out of church, and it’s come time to tell the world of this.

So please keep your religion to yourself; I know you hate mine, and though I was tolerant of yours for a very long time, I’ve come to hate yours too. I have first amendment rights, as do you, and one of them is to worship those beings whom I have decided to worship, and to ignore and refuse to worship those who’ve harmed me severely, not that I need a reason to not worship your Christ. You may do the same with my Gods and Goddesses, but you may not threaten me into worshiping yours; that’s where your freedom ends and mine begins. I thank you for your time, and I’d please ask you to discontinue with the threats and the hate campaign; you really do have better things to do with your time.

-Adam Shurte