The Wrong Religion

The wrong religion is the religion that’s wrong for you. There simply isn’t a right religion for everyone, and oftentimes the popular one on tap can be downright horrendous for almost everyone participating, not to mention anyone they come into contact with.

The right religion is the one that makes sense for you; it works for you, you grow under it, and you’re compatible with it. Furthermore you enjoy it, despite any restrictions you might put on yourself, or any minor discomfort. It’s not a torturous affair where you desperately scream to get out but cannot for fear of loss of anything. Not unlike a romantic relationship, religion doesn’t always work out. Sometimes it’s someone’s fault when things go south, but more often than not it’s a compatibility thing; like hey, say I’m a transgender and homosexual person or whatever, why the hell did I try Christianity out? They want to kill people like me. Not only that they want us tortured forever, unless we conform, rigidly, to standards of living and ways of life that are utterly unnatural for us.

Scenarios like the above illustrate the whole concept; the wrong religion is the one that is any of a variety of incompatibilities or insanities for the participant. I don’t enjoy a life without practicing magic, but I’m going to ditch that for mainstream monotheism, because society is wired to re-assimilate people like me into that whole mess, and the neighbors won’t get off my case. Or I don’t believe in magic, having a very scientific outlook on things, however, I’m going to take on a tradition where it’s in the forefront because I like aspects of that tradition. All while looking down on these ignorant fellows of mine who can’t rise above the muck of history. Say maybe I think the Gods as described in mythology are archetypal, but I’m going to hang out with people who find them literal, and wonder why we don’t get along.

Or, my personal favorite, I don’t actually believe in anything beyond materialist or physicalist reality, but I love the perks of belonging to a church community, so I’m going to adhere and bash everyone who doesn’t conform with the rest of the flock- even if I just wind up a totally miserable sod and hateful bastard who actively contradicts every major tenet of said religion. I’ve met plenty of people in this box; they’re wretched assholes inside and out. The proper place is atheism or agnosticism or whatever other flavor of irreligion that’s appropriate; the proper place, despite it’s inherent honesty, has downsides to it, chiefly the lack of social perks, and therefore, rather than suffer needlessly, I’ll make the honest folk suffer instead. I’ll discriminate as appropriate against LGBTQ+ folk, against Goths, against non-believers, against women in general, or against those who dress too scantily clad for my rather hypocritical tastes in and random dictates towards women who aren’t currently having sex with me.

And make my family, and my friends, and everyone around me miserable, because I’ve got a mean streak a goddamn mile wide. Wonder why.

There’s other fun things you can do too; worship or interact with the wrong being or beings and watch as the flames rise higher. Refuse to question that being who has you by the balls and won’t stop messing up your life. Or engage in darker spirituality and wonder why things don’t ever go your way in the long run, despite catastrophic and ironically literal short term successes everywhere that add up to a nightmarish clusterfuck. There’s, in short, tons of ways to find and stick with the wrong religion, or religions.

And in addition to that, the signs, like those of abusive relationships, are the same if you’re in the wrong place; health goes to shambles, friends and family get colder towards you if they don’t outright run out the door, everyone tries to talk sense into you but you don’t listen- you keep on keeping on. I love this person/being, and love will turn this around. I’m not good enough, I’m not trying hard enough, if I stuck to the ground rules more, if I was more faithful-


The secret’s to find something that makes sense for you, and once you’ve done so, to stick with it while it works and lasts, and otherwise as long as you desire. If you make serious headway you’ll find the beliefs that are unshakable and ironclad come with time, not with brainwashing and denial, and that they reflect some kind of truth somewhere, rather than being mere repetitions of some shit some asshole scribbled down two thousand years back before it got mistranslated eighteen times, not that there was any truth to it in the original take. The tangential secret is to realize others are different and meant for different things, and to not make their lives a living hell for some ancient dictate long forgotten in saner circles or the present day. It isn’t to stick around forever; if you want to leave, need to leave, or it otherwise makes sense to, you leave, and you do so without fear of retribution. Any sign of retribution on a later return only means you were right to leave to begin with. That is all.

If you find yourself in the wrong religion, leave it or the religious scene in general behind. It isn’t always for the best, and coercion’s a rotten reason to stick around anyway. And if you insist on staying, don’t go browbeating everyone else on Earth into coming along for the abuse and destroying everyone who refuses with your mob and your mob mentality and your fellow drones. You’ve got a right to be a moron, not to insist others follow suit.