Here’s another fun link to something macabre: the gun casualties from 2013 onwards in mass shootings (casualties meaning, injuries and deaths, and the deaths in the inforgraphic are red, the injuries, yellow). That does not cover standard murder type incidents, by the way.

Most of this doesn’t get reported stateside. Last night, due to the high death toll, we got reports on another school shooting, but most of this stuff just doesn’t make national coverage. This is the second time I’ve looked at gun violence statistics and decided stronger gun control needs to be a thing (and I’m for gun ownership rights- to an extent). I don’t see how you can look at that and be okay with assault rifles, machine guns, etc., in the hands of the civilian population. You might not have noticed but the government’s fairly tyrannical and nobody’s overthrowing it anywhere.

Again, I say this as someone who doesn’t mind semi-automatic pistols, rifles, and shotguns, if regulated, for a number of reasons. I am a person who, thanks to a mental health diagnosis and sane gun control, is not allowed to handle firearms, and who would simultaneously like to own at least a pistol for self-defense. I think those laws and regulations are sane, however, even if I don’t get to do whatever I want (own and operate firearms of any sort). However, regarding the wider population, what we have instead is insanity. You can pick up military firearms pretty easily if you’ve got a clean- or even, clean enough- record, and as the Vegas shooting proved, cause widespread devastation.

I like the second amendment in principle but I think it’s time for it to be heavily altered or outright removed. There’s no such thing as a “well-regulated militia” going on, and violent uprisings against the current state are a ludicrous idea (as in, it’s impossible)- not to mention a horrible idea (as in, think loose nukes if successful). So the right-wing argument for that stuff is bunk. On the other hand I’ve never been frightened by anyone open-carrying a pistol or knife around in public, because I know about weapons and I’m comfortable around them. To me, all that says is “don’t fuck with me, I will fight back.” The reality is people, when not using criminally, use firearms largely for self-defense and for sporting/hunting purposes, and those are sane uses of them- uses which do not in any way require automatic firing capacities.

On the other hand, as I’ve mentioned, when using criminally, if military arms are widely available, anyone can take out dozens of people before being stopped for no reason whatsoever. And we haven’t touched violent crime in general, just mass casualty incidents here.

I totally expect this to continue to be swept under the rug. I don’t see how you can look at the statistics and not be for some form of gun control.