Month: January 2018

Another Forest Shot (Another Quick Photo Edit)

Photo Edit

Initial Shot Post RAW Touchup Work

Basically you’ve got on the top, the finished work and beneath it, what it looked like after touching it up in Camera RAW (Photoshop).  The RAW file by itself was very washed out and probably overexposed a good deal; I tinkered with the hues and saturation of the greens and yellows, in addition to tweaking things I usually tweak in the editor.

Currently Reorganizing

I figure I’ll take a moment to explain what’s going on.

Essentially I’m organizing the last year’s photos- taking them, sorting out the acceptable and good ones from the more blah or unusable shots, then renaming the files, setting them aside, and adding them to the appropriate Lightroom catalogs.

Once that’s done, I’ve got to go through all of those shots and the others- about ten years of work, though it’s not as much as it could be- and sort them into galleries and projects. After that I probably ought to update the portfolios, though they might not need it. But for the most part, it’s a matter of sorting through a huge mess I’ve made since I got started with digital photography in earnest back in 2008.

In the meantime, I’ll probably play with the odd photo or two here and there, and even post it here- but I’m trying to not do any new work until this is done, so that I can get into a more professional workflow.

The plan for the website is to sort photography into color, monochrome, and photo edits; within each of those categories will be various galleries (landscape, architecture, etc.); external to the normal galleries will be themed art projects (i.e., the old Gloom, Relics, and Nemeton sets from before). In other words you’ll have a page of portfolios, a large page full of galleries, and a smaller page of themed projects. I’m guessing I’ll do about fifteen shots to a page for any given gallery or category.

So in short, expect stuff to start showing up in a few weeks.

Forest Shot (Quick Photo Edit)


Welcome to the photography section of the site.

Content is being organized for future posting, but for now, only the portfolios are available; you can view them via the main menu.

In the future, expect additional portfolios to show up, as well as various themed galleries in different genres or areas of subject matter. The portfolios essentially host my best work; the galleries, not quite excellent but still great work that I’ve decided is worth keeping. Some of the galleries will be traditional ones (try landscape, floral, garden, etc.) and others will be themed projects (the Gloom and Relics galleries were featured on the old webpage, and will be returning). Additionally I plan to blog regularly with new material; anything I decide is good to great will show up in the blog feed. In addition craft essays and tutorials will show up collected on a separate page.

Subject matter, for me, is usually fine arts style photography. I flirt with journalism occasionally so that may happen down the road, but expect a lot of nature photos, a lot of night photos, and plenty of urban and monochrome (usually black and white) work. I have every intention of dipping into portrait photography as well, and I enjoy making photo edits with Photoshop filters. In other words I haven’t hedged myself into any one area unless that area is fine arts; I’ve heard and I’m willing to believe this is remarkably bad business strategy, but the sad reality is I’m self-taught and what I taught myself was artistic photography.

The blog will resume shortly; I intend to stick to a schedule once the dust settles and everything’s collected. I do have to go through ten years of images and sort a large chunk of them before I can get most of my stuff posted.

Again, welcome to the site and the blog; there’s a lot of old material to be posted, and I have every intention of making plenty of new material as well as time rolls on.

-Adam Shurte