As a photographer, I work in several genres, but I primarily do landscapes in the genres of nature and night photography. Most of my work stays true to the original shot, but I also like to experiment with Photoshop and create interesting photo edits.

I am branching out into other areas; currently urban and street photography, and I intend to tackle wildlife and portrait photography in time.

Much of my work is in color, but I also do a lot of monochrome (black and white) works. Wintry and bleaker scenes with a duller palette are often quite suitable for monochrome, and some, but not all, of my color work is redone in black and white as well.

My two main portfolios (Night and Nature photography) have already been uploaded. I will be posting several additional portfolios, as well as an array of galleries to go with them. Beyond that there will be a photo blog, and artistic craft essays pertinent to photography in general. Tutorials will be featured as well.

As a general rule, my portfolios are collections of my best work; galleries to come are collections of good to great work that doesn’t necessarily quite make the portfolios but is worthy of examining.

At the moment I am not taking new photographs or blogging temporarily, but that will change again eventually.

Thanks for stopping by.
-Adam Shurte

*Currently I am going over, organizing, and touching up my archive of work for posting. Once that is done, prints will be up and for sale, although I haven’t determined the logistics of this yet. Updates will be posted on the main news page.