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Cemetary Shot

Silhouetted Piers (Photo Edit)

Contemplation (Statue)

New Portfolio, and High Winds

So there’s a new Black and White photography portfolio in the portfolios page. Go enjoy it.

Additionally there’s been insanely high winds over the past few days; I’ve been stopped from reaching both the Northern Neck Peninsula and Skyline Drive (one day after another, no less), but managed to get a few shots nonetheless. Think like driving a couple hundred miles each day for very-little-to-nothing in the way of photos (I brought back 31 shots in two days, usually it’d be around 150-200). At least it was interesting; I’ve never helped a group of strangers shove a fallen pine tree out of one lane of a blocked highway before, or spyed an 18-wheeler about to fall off a bridge over the Chesapeake Bay where it meets the Rappahannock River from a safe distance (I passed another flipped on it’s side 18-wheeler on the way there, and had to turn around two or three times due to downed trees on major highways).

Cause of flipped 18-wheelers? Not accidents, but high crosswinds. In hindsight I’m lucky nothing fell down on me on the road. Either way, new stuff is online and available for viewing.

Blue Ridge Mountains View

Gentle Waterfall

Dark Falls

Dead Railroad

Gloomy Mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway View 2)

Gloomy Mountains (Blue Ridge Parkway View 1)