I am a fine arts photographer out of the Richmond, Virginia area working in traditional nature, night, and monochrome photography, as well as photo manipulation work. The portfolios showcase natural beauty by daylight, artificial light by night, and generally striking imagery with monochrome work, whereas the photo manipulations are experimental and often surreal in nature. In any instance, everything captured is shown in its best and most vivid light possible. My photography typically has a Gothic or otherworldly feel to it as a result of this.
Regarding my photographic work, my nature photography uses natural lighting entirely. I seek to display nature in all its beauty, and to remain as accurate as possible while letting enhanced elements jump out at the viewer to create interesting imagery.
With my night photography, the work displays the effects created by artificial light at night, typically in urban environments, or of such viewed from a distance. As the artificial and unnatural take on a dreamlike energy after dark, whatever ambient light there is creates scenes that take advantage of those atmospheres.
In my monochrome work what is seen is mostly starker imagery; subject matter varies more in black and white, as I explore subject matter I usually do not showcase. The sharp rawness of the work is what matters to me when I work in black and white.
The photo manipulations show my style displayed in a more uninhibited fashion, as concern for accuracy is dropped in exchange for greater freedom of expression and intensity. I often tamper with lighting and color to achieve a variety of evocative images and effects.
I find my subject matter through serendipity and exploration as I drift around physically or explore interactions of color and light. Overall, my efforts are geared towards creating works which highlight my subject matter in a manner that make them somewhat out of this world yet nonetheless true to life as I wander with my camera.

-Adam Shurte

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