I am a disabled photographer and visual artist out of the Richmond VA area. This is where I house my portfolios as well as a selection of my work in galleries.
As such, I do not work professionally, though I am working towards education, training, and re-entering the workforce should my health allow it in the future. Likewise, I do not currently sell prints or any merchandise, and I am not available for any commercial work or works. I am not available as a volunteer for any charities or events, for that matter.
Some or all of that may change in the future. It really depends on whether I make a partial or full recovery, or not. Time will tell.
Art is therapy to me, and I've done and needed to do a lot of it over the years. As of now I'm probably best with a camera, but I did start creating fractal abstracts with rendering software in 2022, and I've been doing the same with alcohol ink. I also intend to learn more traditional media- drawing and watercolor painting- and digital painting eventually. Anything I become skilled enough (in my opinion) to share, will likely find itself in a gallery here or at a planned more permanent archive site I intend to set up sometime this year.
As far as what is currently viewable on the site: currently my old photography portfolios are available (though they are in need of updating), as are several photomanipulation galleries. I plan on creating a fractal art portfolio soon, and posting some sampling of my good work- photographic and otherwise-  that's not in the portfolios in galleries beyond the ones currently available for viewing.

Feel free to look around and enjoy the site. If you'd like to contact me I am reachable via email using the contact form.
-Adam Shurte, January 2023

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