I am Adam Shurte, a disabled photographer and student out of the Richmond VA area. This is where I house my portfolios as well as a selection of my work in galleries.
As I am disabled, I do not work professionally, though I am working towards education, training, and re-entering the workforce should my health allow it in the future. Likewise, I do not currently sell prints or any merchandise, and I am not available for any commercial work or works. Some or all of that may or may not change in the future.
Art is therapy to me, and I've done and needed to do a lot of it over the years. As of now I'm probably best with a camera, but I do work in other creative media from time to time; unfortunately none of that is on display here.
As far as what is currently viewable on the site: currently my photography portfolios are available, as are several photo manipulation galleries. I have also uploaded a sampling of my non-portfolio traditional photography into several more expansive galleries.
Historically I've mostly worked in the genres of nature photography, as well as night photography and street photography; recently I've begun experimenting with macro photography and closeups, and I intend to begin work in portraiture and other genres as I resume my education and work on my Visual Arts AAA. I do all of the above in both color and monochrome, in traditional (true to life) and photo manipulation (more expressive and abstract) formats.
Feel free to look around and enjoy the site. If you'd like to contact me I am reachable via email using the contact form.

-Adam Shurte, March 2024

Everything is © Adam Christopher Shurte, 2024, All Rights Reserved.
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