Welcome to my site. I’m a writer and photographer out of the Richmond VA area. I mostly write fiction and non-fiction while taking photographs in several genres. In the past that was mainly nature photography and night photography, but I’ve begun branching out into other areas recently. Much of my work in both writing and photography has a Gothic and otherworldly feel to it.

About the Site
The site is divided into four subsections right now; this central hub, where you can get the site-wide news and uploads in a weekly update, in addition to a fiction, a non-fiction, and a photography section. You can subscribe to the main page and/or any combination of the other three based on what you’re interested in seeing. The three subsites all have individual blogs, and feature finished works throughout them.

For now, please note commenting has been disabled across the entire site; I simply don’t have the will or wherewithal to deal with spam, trolls, and the likes.

Below are brief summaries of the various subsites; for more in depth information go visit them.

When it comes to fiction, I mostly work in speculative fiction- typically fantasy, sometimes science fiction and horror, and more rarely literary type material. My work typically has a darker bent to it, often featuring gritty content. I am currently finishing up a novel to be published in the next few months, and in addition to writing novels I write short stories. Usually I build a setting then work in it for a while, creating an array of stories that can be but are not necessarily related to one another. Geofiction will also be featured on the fiction site in the future.

The blog is a writer’s/author’s blog, mostly talking writing, the genres I work in, and anything else relevant to literature. It’s meant to be fairly informal.

My non-fiction work usually covers intellectual topics and ground, ranging from geopolitics and spirituality to the arts. In addition I have plans to do media reviews and post other types of work; book-length works are something I’m considering creating as well.

The blog covers anything and everything I feel like talking about, and is semi-formal.

My photography is organized into various galleries and portfolios, accessible through the main menu. As of now the Nature and Night portfolios are completed; in the future Monochrome (black and white) and Photo Edit (photographs heavily altered for artistic purposes) portfolios will show up as well. Additionally other genres of photography and more portfolios will show up as appropriate. Tutorials and craft essays pertinent to photography will likely show up over time as well.

The photo blog will feature galleries, individual shots, and in general new photography as it’s taken and found suitable. It’s strictly material relevant to photography.

Other Works
I have plans to start working in traditional and digital media; that would mean drawing and watercolor (or oil, or acrylic) painting, in addition to digital painting. I’ve also toyed with picking up a keyboard and experimenting with music, but both of the above are a long way down the road. For now I’m only willing to showcase my writing and photography. Any new additional subsites will be mentioned on the main page.

I can be contacted at acshurte@outlook.com; if I am unable to reply for any reason, or do not wish to do so, I will not. Likewise if it gets lost in the spam folders I probably won’t see it. In the future I’ll be setting up a dedicated email address for the site; once I’ve done so I may be a little better about replying.

-Adam Shurte